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LED Lamp Cleaning Method LED Ceiling Light Manufacturer
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LED ceiling light manufacturer teaches you the cleaning method of LED light:

LED ceiling light, LED ceiling light, LED fluorescent light and other LED lights are commonly used LED indoor lighting products at present.

In the process of long-term use, these LED ceiling lights, LED fluorescent lights and other LED lights will inevitably be stained with dust, which makes cleaning and maintenance work is particularly important.

If the cleaning work of LED lights is not in place, it is easy to shorten the service life of the lights.According to the professional technical personnel of LED lights, proper cleaning will help to improve the brightness of LED lights.

If not maintained for a year, the brightness of LED lights can be reduced by about 20%.If the lightshade and light tube are allowed to be dirty, the brightness of one year will be reduced by 20%;

The brightness of LED lights will be reduced by 40% in areas that are prone to smudging, such as the kitchen.Therefore, regular cleaning is the secret to ensure the brightness of LED lights.

During cleaning, attention should be paid not to destroy the structure of LED lights, nor to change the components of LED lights at will. After cleaning, LED lights should be installed as original, without missing or wrong components of the lights.

In the specific cleaning of LED lights, it is best not to clean with water, as long as the dry rag wipe with water, if not careful with water to wipe as dry as possible, do not immediately after the light with a wet rag wipe, because LED bulbs high temperature with water will burst.

In clean respect, cloth face chimney cannot flush water, should use dry sex cleaner, if glass material is qualitative, can wash with water, the skeleton of the light should be wiped with cloth only go.

Cleaning mirror headlights with vinegar is a good idea.The amount of vinegar about a beer cover into half a basin of water, after blending, the dishcloth soaked in vinegar water, wring dry dishcloth can scrub the dust on the lights and lanterns.

Because vinegar has the effect of cleaning and preventing static electricity, LED lights wiped with vinegar are not only bright but also not easy to stick to dust.When clean light body, want to use soft dry cotton cloth to scrub gently, the action should maintain from top to bottom, do not rub back and forth.

When cleaning LED lightshade, it is best to use a clean feather duster to gently brush, so as not to contaminate lightshade or cause deformation.When cleaning LED bulbs, they should be turned off and do not rotate the bulbs clockwise to prevent the bulbs from screwing off too tightly.
LED Lamp Cleaning Method LED Ceiling Light ManufacturerLED Lamp Cleaning Method LED Ceiling Light ManufacturerLED Lamp Cleaning Method LED Ceiling Light ManufacturerLED Lamp Cleaning Method LED Ceiling Light ManufacturerLED Lamp Cleaning Method LED Ceiling Light Manufacturer